Hi my name is Sean,

Freelance Drupal Developer.

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An experienced software developer with a passion for Drupal and Open Source.

Acquia Certified backend developer, loves working on challenging projects with talented people. Analytical problem solver, excels as an intermediary between technology and business. Inspiring team lead and mentor. Active Drupal (core) contributor, maintainer of the Media system in Drupal 8 core.

Drupal developer

Over 8 years of experience building custom Drupal applications and modules for enterprise customers.

Team lead

Highly motivating team lead, allows team members to work collectively to achieve project objectives.

Software architecture

Analyzes complex system landscapes and uses best-practises to design a optimal system architecture.

System integration

Worked on integrating hundreds of systems using custom built solutions as well as contributed modules.


Building applications using best practices to write clean and secure code. Performs code and applications reviews.


Trained a wide variety of people in using Drupal, from technical staff to CEO's and first time site editors.


Screenshot of the 24Kitchen website.



The 24Kitchen website was completely redesigned and rebuilt with a focus on usability, accessibility, and search. As a freelance developer for Limoengroen, I helped to migrate the thousands of recipes, ingredients and users to the new platform, worked on the Apache Solr based search engine and other third-party integrations.

Drupal 8 Responsive Migrate System Integration Media Paragraphs Apache Solr
Screenshot of the Scalda portal.

Scalda student portal


A new portal was developed for Scalda to help students, parent and employees quickly access information from several systems. As team lead and architect in a scrum team for Finalist, I advised the client on complex technical decisions, helped determining development priorities and supported in coordination with external suppliers.

Drupal 8 Headless CMS Responsive Angular2 Single Sign On SAML2 REST Oauth2 System Integration Redis Groups Flags Migrate Apache Solr Paragraphs Media Webform
Screenshot of the Amsterdam Museum website.

Amsterdam Museum


To inform visitors from all over the world, Amsterdam Museum needed a new multilingual content platform to provide information in 9 different languages. Worked closely with the client as a team lead and architect to ensure maximum value was delivered for the available budget.

Drupal 7 Responsive Workflows Multilingual Apache Solr Facet API Paragraphs Media Webform
Screenshot of the Utrecht University website.

Utrecht University


The new corporate website and student platform for Utrecht University were developed to facilitate the new content strategy. As a team lead and architect in a scrum team for Finalist, I advised the client on complex technical decisions, helped to determine development priorities and supported in managing stakeholders.

www.uu.nl students.uu.nl
Drupal 7 Responsive System Integration Organic Groups Workflows Multilingual Apache Solr Facet API Paragraphs Media Webform


Interested? Let's talk.

If you have a request for a project, please send me as much details as possible (things like start date, duration, deadline, budget etc.). This will help me give you a better response.

I will respond to your message as soon as possible. This is usually within 24 hours. If your message is urgent, please give me a call!

+316 246 250 19 info@seanblommaert.nl